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We are Gabriel and Ayrton Cahan, two teenage boys, from Santa Fe, NM, with big dreams to accomplish great things in the racing world. Our ultimate goal is Formula 1; however, being behind any wheel will quench our thirst for racing. Currently, Indy NXT is in our horizon. 

Our journey began, at the ages of 4 and 6, with the New Mexico Karting Association (NMKA) in tag karts. We have since moved into shifter karts. When given the opportunity, we take advantage of every race offered by Southwestern Motorsports (SWMS) at Suika Circuit, in Albuquerque, NM. There, we have attained our goals racing and winning. Each of us has had our fair share of winnings and season championships. Even when mechanical challenges get the best of us, we come racing from the back of the pack to 1st and 2nd positions.  Our tenacity, focus, grace, and maturity are evident when behind the wheel. Recently, we have expanded our competitive racing into the Arizona, Colorado, and California areas.

In the Fall of 2022, we upgraded our karts to be able to race in a more competitive environment. In February, we competed in our first national race with Challenge of the Americas, in Tucson, Arizona. The 2023 goal was to achieve one of the top 3 points standings in the Colorado Karting Tour and to continue racing with Challenge of the Americas. We met that goal!


Come 2024, we will begin an exciting new journey. With the support of an amazing new crew, CRT will be paricipating in the Formula Race Promotions series, as well as SCCA Sprints. Gabriel will be driving in a F2000 and Ayrton a F1600. 

After school, we head over to our father’s automotive shop to work on our karts.Having the knowledge of the inner workings has helped us understand and attain a different level of competitiveness and drive, pun intended! When we are not working directly on our karts, we can often be found behind our racing simulator, participating in the F1 video game career challenges, as well as the iRacing series with the Skip Barber Racing School.

Along with pursuing a racing career, we both intend to obtain Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Degrees. We are in the college hunting phase for Gabe and are visiting Universities whose Engineering Programs have involvement with Formula SAE. At this time, Ayrton is considering studies aboard and going oversees to be closer to the European circuits. 

From a young age, we have lived and breathed racing.  The spark first ignited watching our Dad race Spec Miata. Whether we were making car sounds, racing our hot wheels, working on our battery-operated Lighting McQueen, or just getting to know the mechanisms of cars, we have gained so much knowledge that will prove to be an asset moving forward. We are hard-working students who have been great mentors to other racers and are actively working towards exploring our passion to see what may come from it. 

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